What’s the Best Way to Learn French

That’s easy! The best way to learn French is to use French language learning software. No more textbooks. No more trudging through traffic. No more paying for expensive private tutors! The best way to learn French is to spend a hundred bucks and learn from the comfort of your own home, or car, or bus, or beach, or anywhere else you’d like to pick up this beautiful language. Here is why…

You save tons of time!

The best way to learn French is the fastest way to learn French! …and studying with French learning software saves you tons of time. First of all, learning with software is efficient, far more efficient than learning with books or in a classroom, which means you save time by learning faster. Secondly, you don’t have to waste time commuting to and from a classroom. Who want’s to sit in even more traffic every day? Not me! Third, you can turn wasted time into study time. Instead of adding to your commute, you can make use of what is typically “dead time” by playing vocabulary, verb conjugation, or listening games while commuting. Driving? No problem. Play your interactive dialogues and speak while you drive.

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You save bundles of cash!

The best way to learn French is the most cost-effective way to learn French! …and our top-selling French online program is only $99–for a lifetime membership! And it comes with hours and hours of interactive dialogues, tons of cool learning games, and free online support from a native French speaker. How much instruction do you get from a private tutor for a hundred bucks? Not very much! How about a French classroom-based course? A hundred bucks would cover commuting expenses, maybe!

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You learn quickly and easily!

6 Day CourseThe best way to learn French is the easiest way to learn French! Learning French is hard, and it takes a lot of time and effort. Why not study using the best methods around? French language learning software has interactive dialogues recorded by native-speakers, fun and effective learning games, online support forums, and voice recording features! There is simply no better way to learn French than using French learning software. Not really sure? I understand. You don’t even know me! Why take my word for it? Instead, give this FREE 6-day course a try. No hassles. No credit cards. Just input your email and you’ll recieve a password.

No Fear!

I know. You’re an outgoing, fun loving sort of person who doesn’t get embarrassed easily. Me, though? Not so much. I’ve taken lots of language courses, and I don’t mind admitting that I hate them. Why? because I hate looking stupid, and, invariably, when it’s my turn to speak, I always draw a blank. This makes me hesitant to speak up and actually use the language I’m trying to learn, which is just a big waste of time. With French learning software, on the other hand, I am at the controls. No fear. Now worrying. Just lot’s of great French language learning practice.

My Recommendations

If you’ve got lots of time on your hands, or if you’re thinking about taking a French class just to get out and meet new friends, then take a traditional French course. If, on the other hand, you’re looking to learn French as quickly and painlessly as possible, grab some French learning software. Whatever  you do, don’t go out and buy an expensive French language learning textbook. They offer very little compared to today’s French software programs.

The best way to learn French, in my opinion, is to use Rocket French.

These are also good French language software programs.

Tell Me More French

Pimsleur French

Or, compare French learning software programs.

Take care, and I wish you the best in your French language learning endeavor.


Ryan Wiley
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