Best French Language Courses

When I built this site, I decided, for the most part, to recommend just the top 3 to 5 French language learning software courses. Any more than that, it seemed, would just be overkill, so I’ve stuck with Rocket Chinese, Tell Me more, and Pimsleur. These are wonderful products, and they have enough unique features to make them all worth comparing and recommending to different types of learners.

People, however, want more. This page is for them. It will be a continually updated page that lists all of the best French language courses, software programs, and immersion programs I can find. I hope you enjoy it!

Rocket Chinese, as you have noticed, I’m sure, is my favorite French language course. It is fun, easy to use, great value for money, and it comes with a lifetime membership to the Rocket French learning forums. I highly recommend this product. Read my Rocket French Review, Visit the Rocket French Homepage, Get a FREE 6-Day Rocket French Course
Another one of my favorite French language courses is TELL ME MORE French. This course has been one of the most popular software-based French courses in the world for many years. It is a very refined course that offers tons of different learning games and activities, plus its award winning voice recognition feature.  Visit the TELL ME MORE Store Official Site (Free trial is available).
Pimsleur French has been one of the best French language courses for decades. In fact it’s quite rare to find a real and true user of the program who doesn’t love it. Just remember that this course is for learning to speak French only; there are no reading or writing lessons. Read my Pimsleur French Review, Watch a short presentation about Pimsleur French
Transparent French is a French course that provides a ton of learning material, especially for the price. In addition, it uses “smart software” that tracks your mistakes and gives you extra practice in the areas you need it most. It’s a great program. It could, however, use a makeover, as its interface looks a bit dated. Visit the Transparent Home Page
This is a French learning learning product that I really love. It’s not a full language course, but instead a digital flash card application. If you’re one of those people who loves learning vocabulary with flash cards, you’ll love this program. There is even a FREE version (not just a trial course). Also, this product is included with the Transparent French Premium (listed above). Check out BYKI Deluxe by Transparent Language
Rosetta Stone has been around for a long time. Some people love this program, others think it’s far too expensive. I tend to agree with the latter group. Still, though, it’s a French language course worth looking at. After all, it’s not world-famous for nothing! Rosetta Stone French Level 1-5 Set

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