Tell Me More French Review

Quick Review Summary

Learning Effectiveness

    • Tons of varied repetition and great tests and reviews makes learning quick and easy
    • Award winning voice recognition software great for perfecting pronunciation
    • Most learning materials of any French learning software on the market

Ease of Use

    • Great new design makes navigation simple and clean
    • Wonderful tracking feature allows you to jump around without losing your place
    • Really great for those who like non-linear learning

Value for Money

    • You can buy cheaper French learning courses, but none have as much learning material
    • If you just want to learn some “survival French” go with a cheaper program (like this one)
    • If you’re looking to study for a longer period of time, Tell Me More French is great value for your money

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Auralog: The Makers of Tell Me More French

TELL ME MORE French is made by a company called Auralog. Here are some company highlights.

    • Over 20 years of language learning software development
    • Impressive list of awards from education institutions and governments
    • Over 7,000,000 satisfied customers
    • Tell Me More is used by over 15,000 academic and government institutions
    • First language software to use speech recognition technology

The TELL Me More French Program

You can buy Tell Me More French programs that have 2, 5, or 10 levels, plus there are business and home school versions. Click Here to Visit the TELL ME MORE Store Official Site

The 10-level course provides the following…

    • 10 levels of instruction, from beginner to advanced
    • 20 hours of very high-quality, interactive video
    • 20,000 learning activities that keep you interested and engaged (No, that’s not a misprint–20,000 activities)
    • Outstanding progress tests that both teach and motivate
    • Exciting, fun, and current weekly EuroNews® lessons that incorporate video, vocabulary and grammar exercise
    • A 24/7 Online Adviser.
    • The most advanced speech recognition on the market greatly improves your pronunciation
    • S.E.T.S. (Spoken Error Tracking System) technology that pinpoints mispronounced words.
    • An amazing role play activity that allows you to play a character in an original TV series.

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Who should buy TELL ME MORE French?

If you love what I like to call “busy work” you’ll love TELL ME MORE Frenchh. What do I mean by “busy work? Well, here is an example of the activities you get when learning one simple dialogue (this is a real example).

This is a screenshot showing how TELL ME MORE French Tracks your learning progress. It's a simple but great feature.

1. Audiovisual aid or text
2. Introduction Dialogue
3. Picture-Word Association
4. Comprehension Question
5. Picture-Word Association
6. Picture-Word Association
7. Fill-in-the-Blanks
8. Picture-Word Association
9. The Right Word
10. Word Order
11. Picture-Word Association
12. Picture-Word Association
13. Word Transformation
14. Picture-Word Association
15. Word Association
16. Audio Crossword Puzzle
17. Sentence Transformation
18. Fill-in-the-Blanks
19. Comprehension Question
20. Picture-Word Association
21. Fill-in-the-Blanks
22. Dictation
23. Phonetics Exercise
24. Word Pronunciation
25. Sentence Pronunciation
26. Comprehension Dialogue: Speaking
27. Vocabulary File
28. Audiovisual aid or text

That’s a lot of “busy work!” In fact, the TELL ME MORE French program has more learning games, activities, and quizzes and reviews than any other French program I have reviewed. It also has the most comprehensive glossary of words and grammar structures of any French program I have reviewed, so if you’re looking for a deep, academic understanding of the French language, and if you love lots of “busy work,” TELL ME MORE is for you.

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Who should NOT buy the TELL ME MORE French program?

TELL ME MORE French, as I have just shown you, comes with tons of learning activities. If you love all that “busy work,” great, go with TELL ME MORE French. If just looking at that list of activities above is making you cringe, you’ll prefer a more straight-forward, audio-based program. The most user-friendly French learning program on the market is Rocket French. You can read my Rocket French review here. Or, you can head straight over to the Rocket French home page and check it out for yourself. Or….get a FREE trial here.

Bottom Line

If you want a very in-depth program with tons of learning games and activities, buy TELL ME MORE French. If you want a similar program that is more user-friendly and geared towards speaking, go with Rocket French.

Don’t buy TELL ME MORE French without checking our French language Software discounts page first.

Thanks for reading our TELL ME MORE French review. We wish you the best in your French language learning endeavor!

Ryan Wiley
Founder, SpeakOut! Languages

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