Best French Language Courses

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When I built this site, I decided, for the most part, to recommend just the top 3 to 5 French language learning software courses. Any more than that, it seemed, would just be overkill, so I’ve stuck with Rocket Chinese, Tell Me more, and Pimsleur. These are wonderful products, and they have enough unique features to make them all worth comparing and recommending to different types of learners. People, however, want more. This page is for them. It will be a continually updated page that lists all of the best French language courses, software programs, and immersion programs I can […] Read more »

How to Learn French Fast

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Want to know how to learn French fast? Of course you do! And I’m about to tell you. Before I get started, though. I’d like to make something clear. …learning French doesn’t have to be difficult. It doesn’t have to be painful, and it doesn’t have to take years and years to master! I know. I know. Everybody says that, but, listen, I have been living overseas for over a decade now–in four different countries that speak 4 different languages! I don’t even like learning languages, but I’ve had to do it! Why? Because I like to eat! …and if […] Read more »

What’s the Best Way to Learn French

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That’s easy! The best way to learn French is to use French language learning software. No more textbooks. No more trudging through traffic. No more paying for expensive private tutors! The best way to learn French is to spend a hundred bucks and learn from the comfort of your own home, or car, or bus, or beach, or anywhere else you’d like to pick up this beautiful language. Here is why… You save tons of time! The best way to learn French is the fastest way to learn French! …and studying with French learning software saves you tons of time. […] Read more »

How to Choose Learn French Software

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Let’s look at three great, but very different, Learn French software programs and see which is best for you. Rocket French As you you’ve probably noticed, one of our (and our customers) favorite software programs is Rocket French. The program is great value for your money. It’s also a very effective learning tool that is easy and fun to use. Is it the best French software program for you, though? Maybe. Let’s look at the questions I mentioned above. What is your current French speaking level? Rocket French is a very simple, easy-to-use program that is great for beginners. So, […] Read more »

Learn to Speak French Online

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Are you going to learn French online? If so, Rocket French just might be the product for you. Here is why the Rocket French online program consistently wins reader’s choice poles. Value for Money The Rocket French Online Program, after discounts, is just $99. Note: Regular price is $149.99, but there is a $50 discount–Get the discount here (scroll to the bottom of the page to get it). What do you get for just $99? A lot! Lifetime Membership First of all, you get a Lifetime Membership, which includes updates–forever! If you want to learn to speak French online, there is simply […] Read more »